Oven won't light


I've read some threads here stating problems with lighting their ovens, however, I didn't see my particular problem discussed. My oven pilot won't light. In fact, I do not think there is gas getting to the oven at all! I've watched videos and have tried all the obvious solutions. The stove top lights and works fine. I can't get the oven lit at all. Is there a shut off valve I am not aware of? Is so, where is it located?

Thanks, John


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I don't know what brand of stove you have, but typically all the valves (including the oven) on a gas stove are supplied by a single manifold. So if the burners light, you should also have gas to the oven valve. If you put the oven valve in the pilot position and press down on it to light the pilot and the pilot won't light, there is a good chance the valve is faulty. If you can light the pilot, but it won't stay lit after you continue to hold the valve down after 60 seconds, then it could be the thermocouple. The oven valve won't release gas to the burner (or keep the pilot light lit ) unless the thermocouple is operating properly.

Working with propane is very dangerous, so I would suggest you have a professional look at it.


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Have you tried to light it with a long neck lighter? Check the wires to the oven piezo igniter. The one on our stove always popped out from the switch, even if the trailer hadn't moved in weeks. We never used the oven, though, other than to test it once when we bought the rig.


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You didn't mention if it stopped working, or you have never gotten it to work.

Assuming the latter, I had a hard time getting the hang of our oven. It seems like you have to press in the knob and turn it to the left until it won't go any further, this should land you on the pilot light symbol. While still holding it in, I use the starter to create the spark and light the flame. Then I quickly release the knob enough to let it turn the rest of the way which lights the burner. If it's the first time using the oven after setting up, it seems to take a good 5-10 seconds for the gas to get to the pilot location.

As others have suggested, using a long lighter may help in the process as it makes the timing easier to see. The oven won't allow gas to the burner until the pilot light is going.


Son bought a new trailer and on the dealer walk through, the oven won't light. Found out the over door had to be closed before it would light.
I've got a question... I have owned, for about two years, a 2012 Big Country, 3595re. It has a Amana range in it. Last Monday evening I got the oven to light and my wife used it. Tuesday morning I could not get it to light, the cooktop fired right up, all three eyes, but no oven. Any suggestions other than replace the gas valve to the oven??? Thank Ya'll