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First off I have to say I am blessed way more than I deserve. I have a 36 year old daughter that sustained a major brain injury 14 years ago. It has been really tough providing her the care she requires but God has provided us the resources and we have never looked back. Over the last 14 years one of the toughest challenges we faced was the ability to travel with her. It got so we simply could not carry everything she needed in one vehicle. That was until my in-laws saw a toy hauler at a RV Rally and suggested it to us. Modern Camping was uncharted territory for us and it took several months and visits to multiple dealers before we found one that fell within our budget and met our criteria. That was 3 years ago and we are up grading to a fifth wheel.
Toy haulers are far from perfect as a handicap/wheelchair accessible option but it has worked for us. We use the ramp just as if were our ramp at home. We use the garage section for my daughters electric bed, O2 generator and supplies. With the upgrade we will have room for her Hoyer lift. Our camper has a sliding glass door so she is connected to the living area and is part of what ever is going on. It is a long ways from perfect but until RV manufacturer realize the potential market and start manufacturing some form of accessible option, it is working for us.
We are very proud to add camping to our list of activities to offer our Daughter some quality of life. The journey has had a few bumps but we have met a lot of really incredible people and are continuing to make memories. I hope that this post might find someone looking for an option to get out and experience what camping can offer.
Merry Christmas and God bless you all. Happy camping Ya'll


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Hello and welcome to the Heartland family. You are not alone here in using a toyhauler with a family member who has needs that require physical space modifications. We hope that you consider joining the Heartland Owners Club and join us at an RV rally so we can meet your family and see some of your modifications. When we all see and learn how others adapt their RV to their needs, we can then relay that information as we learn of others in need.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas,
May God continue to meet all your needs and bless your family. Praying for many enjoyable camping trips for you and family and a happy new year. God Bless, ken


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May 7, 2007 I fell victim to a freak accident where a tree fell on me. I should on all accounts have been dead, but I was flown out. After being unconsious, collapsed lungs, not breathing, unresponsive I awoke in a rehabilitation center after missing 2 months of my life with TBI. If I could have ended it, I would have with the pain. Unable to recognize my family, wife or even know my name, I began the journey of relearning how to walk, talk, feed myself and even swallow. My body was broken along with my skull and my self worth. With no promises from the doctors I was a vegetable in a wheelchair. Being nothing short of a miracle and by the grace of God himself here I am typing this. After a half a year I recuperated and I defied the odds. I will never be 100% physically, if you ask DW, she says I never was (LOL), but I'm alive and thank God. Thank you for sharing. It is stories like yours and what you are doing that remind me of what he has done for me and how blessed I am. Having been in her seat, rest assured, no matter her capacity, the struggles, the patience required on your part, she loves you. Merry Christmas and God Bless. Thank you again for sharing.