Pendent Lighting for 35RES?

We took delivery on our new Silverado 35RES on Saturday. My wife loves the floorplan, but missed not having pendent lighting over the kitchen island. The way I've seen it done on other brands is that they install a large oval medallion and then suspend the lights from the medallion. There are lights above the stove/fridge area that I could tap into, but my biggest concern is how an aftermarket change like this would fare when transporting the RV. Any ideas or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Our Landmark has pendant lighting and we have not had an issue with it at all. As you mentioned, there is a medallion, its about 4 foot long and 2 foot wide, suspended from the ceiling and it has two pendants suspended from it. Everything is done in metal so there is absolutely no movement when the RV is rolling along. I imagine if you suspended a medallion from the ceiling in such a way as it was completely stable, then you could attach a pendant or two with metal tubes to insure no movement. I think I've seen just about everything you would need to accomplish the installation in the fan and lighting sections of Lowes or Home Depot. The most difficult aspect of your project would probably be the wiring. If those lights above your stove and fridge are 12 volt fixtures, you'd have to do some work to get 12 volt fixtures in the pendants. You could probably get the 12 volt pendants from Heartland or an RV lighting supplier. Good luck with your project. I'd like to see how it turns out.


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No one mentioned it but my pendant light in the Bighorn over the island have metal rods which the lights are attached to and then to a circular bracket, I would check a current Heartland model and see what type it has and then try to obtain them from Heartland. They are made to suspend and travel.


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Steve, go to a dealer that has Big Horns with the pendant lights. Get the VIN# off that unit and then call HL. They should be able to get you the parts that you need to install it. The only issue there a 12V light over the island or close that is on a switch.