Pics from my maiden voyage last season


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Very nice. Makes me want to get out and camp.

With the name BowHunt, I'm assuming you like to archery hunt. I wouldn't mind getting out and doing alittle of that too!!



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Thanks for the replies.....

This was our first trip out last year in August. This is Sugarloaf State Park (Michigan State Park) in the Waterloo recreation area near Jackson, MI. The MSP crew here is really nice. I don't know how they do it, but the grass is really nice here. There is a lake with a beach. There are some pull throughs over by the boat launch. They have another campground in the rec area called Portage lake. Haven't checked it out yet. I think that one is no alcholol, which might even be quieter.

My step Dad was rushed to U of M on here on our first night. He was diagnosed with Leukemia on this trip. The rangers kept checking back with me to see how is was doing and were open to just about any option for me getting his equipment back home.

Yes, looking at these pics really put me in the mood too.

Take care.



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That does look like a nice park. We used to use the Burt Lake SP when we had the pop-up and TT's. The park was nicely maintained and the workers great, but many of the other camper's were not.


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Yep, that (Burt Lake) is a party park now. It's also difficult to navigate through with all the cars / trucks / boats parked everywhere. Last time there my boat (starter) acted up. I swam in called for help. Went back out beat on the starter some more and whala she started. Beautiful lake. I took the boat route up to Mackinac Island. Take care.