Pioneer RL250 Rocker Switches

Whats up everyone! I'm trying to figure out what a toggle switch in my RV does. its on the panel to the right of the tank/battery status check panel. one switch turns on what i call Mood lights inside the RV. the other, i have no clue and can't seem to figure it out. anyone know anything?



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Could be outside lights, awning lights. I won't even ask if it came from the factory like, because I know it did. Our unit had about 1/2 of our switches unlabeled, wife being a teacher had a label maker.
It may be easier to wait until dark, then turn it on and start your search.


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If awning lights like mine, then the awning also has to be open and the remote also needs to turn awning lights on. I also had to self-learn how these lights work and still today I have a difficult time reading what is written on my circuit breaker panel that is supposed to identify each breaker/fuse. Note: my battery/tank panel is located in the bathroom and my rocker switch is located on cabinet by the entry door.