Pleated window shade


The string on one of our pleated window coverings just broke. We have a 2015 22FBS North Trail. Is it a pain to remove and repair it or would it be better to just purchase a new one. If replacing is the way to go, do you know the manufacturer of the blind and color. I am thinking it might be cappuccino color, but not sure. How can we find make and definite color. Thanks for help. If we repair, what type of string do you use?


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You can repair them very easily,the blinds come apart and the string is attached at the top and funnels down through the openings,it then goes across at the other words. String starts at the right on the top and at the bottom goes over to the left and vice versa.The string can be purchased at most RV supply shops,by the foot .


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I found a universal brown color repair kit at the local trailer supply parts store. The kit has links to online instructions.