Portable Grill - Barbecue Recommendations Please


Blackstone 22 as well. Very portable.
I use mine weekly to cook everything from pancakes burgers, tacos, and sear off steaks. I really like the size, the attached lid and the removable stand planners
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I would take a look at the Green Mountain Davy Crockett, I currently have the larger version (Daniel Boon) but for traveling I’m getting the more portable unit. My Brother in-law has one and it’s spot on.
I have had several other previous green mountain units, lost one in a hurricane, one just plain wore out and my current model. I did try the Traeger tailgater and was not happy either with the quality or how compact/portable it was.


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next one I buy will be the Davy Crockett by Green Mountain. After talking with several different seasoned campers this seems to be the best option out there.


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I have a Davy Crockett I use at home. It’s a nice unit. Heavier than I would like to hoist into the Horn though. Still looking for some thing lighter in a smoker. Until then I use a Nexgrill propane grill I got at Costco


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The Nexgrill from Costco is what we use currently. We had a previous one that died. Only way I got hubby to get it from Costco us to remind him of their return policy. It’s done well.


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We travel with our Rec Tec RT340, our Weber Q2200 and our 17" Blackstone Griddle. They each have their own place for our culinary needs and wants. We love all 3 but probably use the Weber Q2200 the most.


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We had an RVQ with our last trailer and it worked very well. It clipped onto the side of the RV in a little surface mounted channel and hooked to teh trailer propane -
I'm actually very sad that we let it go with the trailer when we sold that unit. I should have kept it.


I have a Weber big joe charcoal barbecue, it is the ideal size for grilling pork/lamb chops, steaks, and sausages for a typical growing family of 4 to 6 people. It also allows for very safe and easy transportation. Very convenient and useful.