Problem with Winegard Coax cabling on new Pioneer RG27

Just picked our new Pioneer RG27 this Tuesday. During the TV install in the kitchen area I found there is no OTA signal from the Winegard Air 360+. I was able to scan 29 channels in the bedroom using the same TV, but got a "No Signal" message on the TV in the kitchen. I removed both wall plates to check the coax connections and they all seem to be tight.

One thing I did note is that the cable coming out of the TV2 jack on the Winegard power supply is Blue in color. The single coax coming into the kitchen wall plate is Gray. I'm assuming there is a splitter accounting for this, but I'm unable to locate it. I did reach out to both the dealer and factory support, but no real assistance was offered. I'd prefer not to tow the RV 150 miles back to the dealer for service. Any ideas on where to start on this issue?


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I used one of these to check the cables

It will let you trace the cables without tearing into things, as long as the connections were made.

These work well for straight runs, but they often will not work if there is a splitter in the run.

In our previous Travel Trailer, I had to drop the ceiling due to some water damage, and there was a coax running from the antenna to the splitter which then ran to the front and back of the RV. Maybe someone forgot to screw in the rear connection? I'm not sure how you would get to those wire runs without dropping a ceiling panel though. Maybe there is a ceiling light you could drop and then a small scope to see in there? Insulation will be tough to get around though.
I appreciate both of the responses to my problem. The main issue is that I don't know where to start looking for the splitter. I do have a scope so I'll take your suggestion and remove the ceiling light in the bedroom and try to trace the coax. It would make repairs much easier if the factory would install the splitters in accessible areas (like in the back of a cabinet). The cabling diagram I got from the factory just shows how things are connected but not where the connections are.

Thanks for your help.