Prospective Buyer 2010 Country Ridge 40 FKSS


Above unit is available in 55+ campground where relative has park model. I am told it shoes 2010 on plate but this is likely mfg date and not necessarily model year. We hope to gain access mid this week. Have owned both class C and 30 ft travel trailer but zero experience with park models and tip outs.

Unable to find specs on 2010 or 2011 Country Ridge to determine which model year, std eqpt vs options, etc. And things to look for. Have only seen item on sagging floor re shower drain issue but unclear where access panel to view connection is located.

Unit has been parked in Canada where we always have sun and warmth LOL.

Would be very grateful for information helpful to making an informed decisdion to buy or not. Message sent to Heartland has not resulted in a reply. MSRP information to extent possible appreciated. Know it has tip out awnings, flat screen TV and fireplace but that's all until we get access and opportunity to inspect in person.

Thank you



Hi Keith,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information. Hopefully someone with the same unit will give you some more information. You might get the VIN and call Heartland Customer Service and they may be able to tell you how it was equipped when it left the factory. They will not give you prices or owner info I think.

Jim M


Hi Jim..thanks for quick reply. I do have owner's contact info and based on exterior photo, the propane cover indicates the dealer was for GM dealer who lost dealership when GM cut back...I know dealer turned to RVs but heard he may no longer be in business...will check after long weekend holiday. Relative knows owner slightly. Unit bought for his mother. Slept in twice from what we heard!

Will get VIN and try to contact factory again with additional info.