Proud New Owners of a Silverado by Bighorn 36TB


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Well we took delivery of our very first RV/fifth wheel last Friday. We are newbies. We decided on the Silverado by Bighorn 36TB first based on the layout and then while reading the forums here, we made our decision to purchase a Heartland product. After shopping around online we ended up buying local. Pierce RV in Kalispell, MT. We will be spending most of our time near there. They came close in price, wanted my business and I felt comfortable dealing with them.

We did our PDI 2 weeks prior to taking delivery. They had it in the shop for 2 days prior to our only 90 min walk-through/PDI. The sales manager, who I was dealing with, assured me that there go through it thoroughly. We were happy and confident when we left. There are several parts on order that I will install myself rather than taking it back to the dealer. I have already checked with Heartland parts and they are waiting on one more item before they send out. (I was impressed with how easy it was to call Heartland and speak to someone who had all the info at their finger tips after giving my VIN) Nothing major, a couple broken/damaged pieces and missing remotes for TV and Stereo. They also ended up replacing the probes/sensors for the front black tank as it was showing 2/3 full. It stills shows 1/3 full but I am not going to lose sleep over it.

Other then the forced options for this model; we ordered it with the optional fireplace (which I was told was a must) and replaced the lower bunk in the back with the same sofa bed as in the front. We are very happy with the unit and it is the quality we expected.

We spent our first two days/nights in the unit in temps ranging from 38F to 80F so we were able to try out the furnace and the A/C.

While trying to figure out the 2 entrance doors keys and how the locks worked, I ended up having the deadbolt stick open. The key would not go in and the red knob on the interior would not turn it. I called Saturday and left vm with the Mfg and then spoke with our extended warranty tech support. They helped me disable it. The Mfg called me back at 8 am Monday and they are sending me a new door mechanism direct to me and also asked me for the key code for my other door so I would not have to have 2 different keys. (Something Heartland I think should do for units with 2 doors)

I did have the outside shower pour out the back behind the UDC for both hot and cold when I turned it on. It came out the center large round white plastic piece where the outside hose is connected to. I shut it off and I will investigate later and probably will just add shut off valves just like others have done to be on the safe side. It may just need to be tightened.

We purchased a 50 amp portable surge protector/electrical management system, adjustable water regulator with good flow, water shut off shut off valve, and a 10LB fire extinguisher (found the perfect spot for it) all based on reading recommendations on here. We decided on portable water filter at the kitchen sink and a Dyson rechargeable vacuum.

The only thing that I am surprised with is the wood work. There are some areas including some decorative corner pieces on the slides that have a large amount of recessed holes from the air-nailer/staple gun used. Some staples/nail heads are also sticking out in random areas where no other nails/staples exist. They is no rhyme or reason why there are so many on one ‘piece’ or ‘area’ and none on the exact same trim or cabinet somewhere else. I would think they would fill the holes before staining. If they were stained first then I think the staples/nails were used after the fact during quality control and if something was not holding correctly they stuck a nail/staple in it. Is this normal? (During PDI we never bothered asking of mentioning and we will live with it.)

We are very excited to own a Heartland product, to be members of the Owners Club and a member of the Heartland family. I owe a lot to this forum as I have been reading through it, I would say 4-5 nights a week since Jan. And thanks to Heartland dealer Pierce RV in Montana for making this an easy experience.



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Hi Andy,

Welcome to the Heartland family and to the Heartland Owners Club. Sorry to hear you have a couple of issues - but sounds like nothing too serious.

The wood and trim is purchased pre-finished. Nail holes are supposed to be dabbed with matching putty and wiped clean of excess. This usually goes well. Sounds like some was missed in your coach. If you did not receive a putty stick, please contact your dealer or Heartland for one or start a list of things you want the dealer to take care of for you on your next visit there. Nails sticking out is not good. Tap them back in. They may not have been shot all the way in or they may have backed out.

On the water leak - I suspect a broken mixer output at the back of the molded faucet fixture. I've had it happen before.

Hope to see you around. Maybe you can make the Pacific Regional Rally this October in Temecula, CA.


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Andy, Welcome to the heartland family. For being a newbie, it sounds as if you have a pretty good handle on things.