Refridgerator on 110/120 volts


Should my fridge work when I'm plugged in to a 110/120 outlet, when I try the check light illuminates. I've had it a few months but this is the first time I tried to run it with the gas off.


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Not knowing your fridge model there an AUTO switch? Usually, the check light will come on when it should light, but fails to light - on gas - when there is NO POWER. You might check all your GFI plugs and breakers.


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It should run on 110. Sometimes, after mine has sat without running for a couple of weeks it'll take 3 or 4 times of pressing the auto switch, waiting 5 minutes for the check light to come on, then repeating, until it stays on. You may also want to check that none of your GFI plugs are tripped. The fridge is probably on one of those circuits.

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Your reefer is definitely on a GFI circuit. First find a GFI outlet, probably on the bathroom vanity and check to see it's not tripped. If it's OK, go outside and remove the access panel and check to see that the reefer is plugged in. There is also a fuse in the black box that should be checked.


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While in the back side of the refer make sure that the ice-maker is plugged in too, if your is equipped with one. I wondered why it took 3 days to make ice, it was simply unplugged.


You guys hit it on the head, pulled off the cover and the cord was just dangling there.
Thanks for all the help!!!!