Refrigerator seems intermittent


This has probably been talked about several times but I'm going to throw it out there again anyway. I have a Dometic DM2852 fridge and lately it seems to work intermittently. We were just camping and while the generator was running I couldn't seem to get the fridge to cool down below 60. At night it would get down to refrigeration temps just below 40. Day time temps were in the mid to high 80s and we had plenty of afternoon shade on the trailer. Not sure where to look first. Propane didn't seem to work to cool it down either. Freezer seemed mostly good, had times where I think it rose to above freezing temps but all in all the food stayed frozen. What am I missing or are there some troubleshooting techniques I can use to narrow it down to either a part or a system (a/c versus propane)?

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Update: so I tried just turning it on using propane and I heard a click but it appears that propane is flowing but I don't think anything lit off. No exhaust from the vents below.


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On refrig, if background noise is quiet, I can HEAR the propane flame when it is burning.

When is the last time you traveled down the road? I think a little bouncing around going down the road is good for these ammonia refrigerator cooling units.