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Walked into the Landmark to remove the toilet for a rebuild and the Norcold refrigerator was beeping with a L1 op. Grabbed the magnet and performed the reset. Apparently my lawn irrigation got water in the back of the fridge.

Then the toilet repair.
A thetford style ii model number 42054
Installed the new ball and seal. We were getting a very small leak around the pedal so a new water valve was also put in.
Now when I was looking at the backside of the pedal I noticed that there was a small area that was much dirtier than the rest. It happens to be right next to ball control arm.
I removed the original and found that the seal was damaged. Hopefully after a static leak test I have successfully rebuilt the toilet
Picture 1 static leak test.
Pic 2 leak source .
Pic 3 crushed and failed seal.
Pic 4 New Ball and seal.
Pic 5. I'm going to snip the tip on the vacuum valve ( on right) and install a spray hose.

Pic 6. My new steps and boy oh boy are they nice. If you're looking to replace your old ones these are the best
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It sure is! So far my repair list is as follows.
Rebuilt my Onan 5500 lp, stator rotor assembly $650
Repairs to my Norcold 200bucks ( dealership said I needed a new one) 36° on setting 3
New breaks 900.$
Hydraulic pump new brushes installed 170.$ (a new one cost 1200)
And I'm sure there's more.

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