Replacement tires for a 2014 Sundance 3380RL

I've reached my level of frustration researching this topic. ST versus LT tires. Chinese made versus US made. E load rated versus G load rated. And the list goes on.

I've got the infamous Power King Tow Max tires on my trailer. One has a slow leak from being previously repaired (before I bought the trailer last year). I decided to get them all replaced after the many negative posts about Tow Max and having a very nervous wife. I really want to reduce the probability of having a blow out before we hit the road in earnest.

I thought I was settled on the Goodyear G614, but the commercial tire guy I talked to said they have a shallow tread and hard ride. He recommended a Hankook, Firestone, or Bridgestone over the Goodyear. Trouble with those tires is the max load for LT E rated tires is only 3042 pounds @ 80psi. The Tow Max are ST E rated tires that handle 3640 pounds @ 80 psi. The Goodyear is G rated handling 3750 pounds @ 110 psi.

I've checked the ratings on the wheels and they can handle the 110psi, but another buddy says not all stations can handle that pressure if the tires need air.

Any help or direction would be very appreciated.

Tom B.
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2014 Sundance 3380RL
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GVWR 13970 lbs
GAWR 6000 lbs
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Sailun S637. They've been in play for quite a while now, have load capacity equivalent to GY G614, and cost way less. And if you search the internet for failure reports, you probably won't find any.

The primary difference from a G614, aside from cost, is that Goodyear has a practice of reimbursing cost of repairs to the coach if a G614 fails. Sailun is unknown in that respect, perhaps because of no failures.


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Look at Sailun S-637 they are a G-rated tire at 1/2 the price of GY and have a better record in my book. We have not seen a failure yet.


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X2 on the Sailuns. Standard on HL BC and BH. Good choice for your Sundance

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Thanks to all that replied. The Sailun S637 looks like a good solution. Any thoughts on where to source them? I'm located in SF Bay Area.


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I just replaced the Trailer King "China" tires on my new 2017 Sundance with GY G614's...all five tires...I can say to the OP that the tread is far from shallow! I haven't taken the Sundance out yet with the new tires and it's maiden voyage will be to the Colo Rally in Sept. Just as a side note, the weight of the G614's was substantial over the Trailer Kings!!! THe Trailer king tires with wheels were 54 lbs and the Goodyear G614's were 85 lbs each.
Not selling one tire over the other, but what sold me was the warranty with Goodyear paying for RV repairs in the fault of a blowout....Also wanted to Support the USA Product vs China...