Replacing oven with dishwasher


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We have RV'd since 1995 with several years full time. I think we only used the oven once to burn some cookies as we visited our youngest in college.

We have new 3010 RE and I am thinking of removing the oven and installing a dishwasher. Want to leave the cooktop as that gets lots of use.

In this unit this appliance is in a slide. Has anyone tried this and how did it work. Happy to hear the lessons learned.


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Hi Garypowell,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. You'll find lots of useful information here along with a great bunch of people who are quick to reach out and help others.

If anyone has replaced their oven with a dishwasher I'm sure we'll hear from them before too long.

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Looks to me like that portable thing could use up a lot of valuable counter space.. I think it would be pretty difficult to get the plumbing sorted out if mounted in the slide. In most home installations it has to run into the drain or disposal under the kitchen sink. Then there's also the problem of how do you provide power to it. Our dishwasher at home is on a separate 15 amp dedicated circuit. It would also require installing a new cook top. At least in ours the cook top is part of the range. In my opinion it would be very difficult to provide water, sewer and electrical hookups that would move in and out with the slide..JMHO..Don


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Remove the oven and replace with drawers or cabinet and put the dishwasher under or near the sink. Easier access to plumbing and electric.

One day I'll put something clever in here.


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Running pipes and hoses can not be worst then the propane line to range. Just make sure that they van be disconnected for winterizing if required.

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Lance & Jo

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The wife has one of those automatic portable dishwashers that seems to work fairly well but she constantly complains about it. Says the durn thing is too old and unreliable (some times it takes over night for the wash cycle) and she has to store it in the theater seat in front of the TV all the time!

On the other hand a guy could find heavy wall flexable sani hose at a marine store that could be used for the drain and clear water hose for the supply. Not sure if the sani hose will make the sharp bend required when the slide is closed but that could probably be worked out too.


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Jim this is exactly the model I am looking at. We have not purchased it yet as I need to find out more about the stove removal while keeping the cook top. Before I buy anything or take something apart I want Linda to commit to taking up counter space if the oven removal idea does not work.

Not to expand this too much but does anyone have experience with the unit shown in Jim's link? It is [h=1]DWP61ES - EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Energy Star Countertop Dishwasher - Silver[/h]
It seems to have good ratings.

I am with the person who wrote back that if they can pass the gass line up in a slide water and sewer cannot be that difficult. They just put a big loop in the gas line so it just uncoils when the room moves. My plan would be to simply expand this hole and use the same articulated arm they use to protect the has line.

The drain line does not have to be that big as it looks to be simply a 1/2 in line on the unit. I am fairly sure I can tie into both the supply and drain system into the underbelly. I have not had it down on this unit but had it down many times on our old 3055 as the black tank valve would leak from time to time. Not exaclty fun to do but it is possible.

I then need to find a circuit that does not get much the ceiling fan one to tie into for the power.

Have not yet heard anyone who has actually done this kind of work but assume someone must have.

I'm going to call the oven mfg tomorrow and find out if the burners can hold on their own.

Thanks fso far to all.



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I think I am going to close down this idea for a while. I appreciate the comments. I called Atwood about the stove and as I suspected it is "unibody" construction. The cook top is not seperate from the oven. I looked closer at it last night and thought this was probably the way it was.

I still think it is very possible just not willing to go to that lenght at this point. I did order the Dishwaher since it will fit on two different counters in the unit. We even have a washer/dryer spot we could use but its up in the bedroom and a little too far away.

But I want to see if we like it first and then how noisey it really is. Since we work in the unit I dont' want it clanking away while we are on the phone. Once we know we like it I might revisit the issue and just take out the whole oven and put in a stand-alone cook top.

OH....I told the guy at Atwood my "joke" of only using the oven once to burn some cookies and he said "you know how you fix that go buy a ceramic tile and put it in the bottom of the oven to spread out the heat"

That little nugget has probably made this whole thing worth while. Of course I did not ask if there were any tricks to lighting the pilot without standing on ones head while being bent around a corner at 90 degrees. Maybe I'll save that for the next phone call.

Thanks all....Gary