Retirement of Wyoming Chapter Leaders

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Effective immediately, Dave and Amy Tardiff (codycarver) have retired as Chapter Leaders of the Wyoming Chapter.

Dave and Amy founded the Wyoming Chapter in February 2011 and we greatly appreciate their contribution to the Heartland Owners Club and the Wyoming Chapter.

Anyone who is interested in more information about becoming the Wyoming Chapter Leader should contact Mountain Region Director, Garry Gilbert at

'Lil Guy'

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I'm sure there is a good reason but I am also going to miss the Tardiffs. He is the reason I attended my 2nd rally and really got hooked. Debbie and I still plan to look them up during our travels. Dave and Amy both are great people.
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Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Dave and Amy, thanks for all you did for the club. We miss seeing you guys, but if all goes as planned, next year we'll be spending some time in Cody.


Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired
Dave and Amy,
You know how we feel about you guys and thanks for all you have done. Wishing you the best and hope to see you soon. Trace


Founding Louisiana Chapter Leaders-Retired
Dave and Amy I was great meeting yall and I hope you make it down south sometime soon.

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Ohio Chapter Leaders-retired
Dave and Amy,

Sorry to see you go. Thanks for the things that you've done.

Hope to still see you down the road, even make a trek out to the hinterland.


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Dave and Amy,

Thanks for the hospitality at the rally in West Yellowstone. We had a great time. We will head up to Cody sometime in the future and look you guys up. Hope to see you at future Heartland events / rallies.

We wish you guys the best!


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Dave and Amy, we are sure going to miss following your posts, and adventures. We had a great time in the past at the Vernal rally. Your hospitality was really great!
Wishing you both the best in your future endeavors! Good luck, travel safe, and we will see you down the road!

Wayne &Melinda 😎

P.S. Give Tucker a hug! 🐶


North Central Region Directors-Retired
Dave and Amy, So sad to hear of your leaving. Thank You for everything you have done to make Heartland Owners Club fun. 2 years ago at Goshen the awesome breakfasts and tacos were such a great treat. Thank you for that also. Dan and I also plan on making a trek west soon, and hope that we can get together and have some fun. Give that Tucker a big hug from me.. Happy Trails ..Dan and Karen and Herbie.


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Thank you for being the leaders of WY and best of luck on your next adventures.


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We enjoyed meeting you in Gillette for the national rally there and wish you luck in whatever the future holds for you.



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Dave and Amy,

Thank you so much for founding the WY chapter and leading it these past many years. Those who have attended your rallies have given such great reports of the fun they've had.

You (and Tucker) will be missed in your leadership role. We hope you remain active in the club and I look forward to the next time I meet you guys.

Be well my friends,
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