RG28 2019 furnace removal


How do I get my furnace out from under the stove no other access, I have removed the 2 screws that hold the unit in place I can get it to move side to side and lift it about a inch but it seems that it won't release from the exhaust tube,
I have also tried to remove the exhaust from outside removed the 4 screws and it will not pull out
I am trying to trouble shoot the sail switch, the furnace ignites sometimes burner only runs for a few seconds the shuts down, and repeats
this has been since new and dealer was helpful at all
any help from other owners would be great


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Hi ramyot,

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As I recall, the exterior intake and exhaust assembly should slide off, although not necessarily very easily.

If you're investigating sail switch operation, the theory of operation says that the blower has to be pushing air at about 75% of normal for the sail switch to activate. While you could have a sail switch that is intermittent, I'd think that you would not reliably ignite every time.

If the furnace successfully lights every time and keeps going for varying lengths of time before shutting down, that sounds like you may have a high-limit switch opening due to over temperature. When the high-limit switch opens, the gas valve shuts off but the blower keeps running for at least 25 seconds - perhaps long enough for the high-limit switch to close again, allowing the furnace to light again.

Whether sail or high-limit switch, check that nothing is restricting airflow. That includes the intake and exhaust tubes, and the heat registers and air return inside the trailer.


thanks for the quick replies
the issue with the furnace is that when I set the thermostat, sometimes the blower will start right away, but no ignition, I then remove the air intake cover under th stove and tap the furnace then it will ignite and only burn for a minute or less it will finally get up to temp, and shut down.
then when temp goes down the fans will start but no ignition
and so I repeat the process of tapping the furnace until it ignites
we use the trailer to go to dog shows and late season hunting so the furnace has to work
I will watch the videos and see where that gets me


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Other possible causes of intermittent ignition are poor wiring connections between trailer wires and furnace wires. There'll be wire nuts that should be inspected. And the control board is also a suspect.


Once I get the furnace out I will inspect all connections, but first to get that unit out of the hole it is in with out having to remove to the stove


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I would think that if you have intake/exhaust vents in a panel on the outside wall, that you have to remove the furnace from the outside. I think when Traveltigers worked on theirs, they encountered a small screw in the base that had to be removed to slide the unit out. They posted a detailed account of their work a while back.

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