Rockport TX Winter Monthly Electric Costs


Hello! Those full timing in Rockport - how much do your electric bills run each month in the winter? We are thinking about that area for next winter. We have an electric fireplace that we were hoping to use when it's not too chilly. Wondering what range to budget for. We only need 30 amp service.

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We were in Rockport for November and December of this year. Our electric charges were about $90/month. We went through almost 4 40 lb. tanks of propane. We did not run our electric fireplace, as those really run up the electric bill! We were gone for 17 days over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and had our thermostat set to 50 while we were gone. Much colder this year compared to last. We have 50 amp service. Decided next year we will come to Florida for December in addition to Jan/Feb/Mar.

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FWIW, I just heard on the weather tonight that Austin recorded it's 5th coldest December ever. This is not typical Texas weather.


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On our first trip to Texas 2 winters ago, we checked several different parks in the Rockport area, and down in the valley. We found that the rates may vary for each park. We were told that there are a few different power companies in TX, that is part of it, and also, some parks get charged X amount by the power company, and may charge the residents more.

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If I remember correctly, we were paying around 12 cents/kwh.
Your costs will vary based on what you use in the way of appliances. A/C, Reefer, Hot Water Heater, Fireplace/space heater, 110 volt lighting, TV or any thing that uses electricity.
Our bill ran anywhere from $60 to $90. Some parks charge a $5 meter fee. We always read our meter on arrival and once we figured out when the park reads the meters, we would verify their readings. Not that we didn't trust them...:rolleyes:

We're in FL now and the rates are nearly the same. As said earlier, it depends on the company supplying the park and the rate they have contracted for as well.


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We winter in Rockport and have for the last 4 years out park charges .15 cents a kilowatt hr we jut paid our Dec bill and we used or fireplace and it was $125.00 the highest it has been


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The park I am in charges 13 cents per kilowatt a I only used the water heater, fridge and lights and my bill this month was $67. It was cold here this month and I did use a tank of propane each week. Still better than back home.