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Many here have worked with Ron in the past.

Yesterday we lost a most exceptional man. Ron McCoy was such a genuine sole. Ron installed more Trailair Air Ride Pin Boxes, Center Point And Equa-Flex Suspensions than anyone. He was the muscle, blood sweat and busted knuckles behind each of the prototype Level-Up Hydraulic leveling systems. He understood the product and it’s function. However, Ron mastered product knowledge he also understood the product was only half the equation. Our customers were the reason we get to come to work. He took the time to make sure every thing installed was the best solution for the customer. We developed a tradition of excellence in customer service and products. Trailair would not have been the same without him. I’m heart broken to have lost him. I am forever blessed he called me “Sis”. He was my business counter part and I am forever grateful to have known him. I often teased him and called him Superman for all that he could accomplish in a day. Seems cancer was this great mans kryptonite. I’ll miss you dear friend. Rest In Peace.

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Ron installed our LevelUp in 2010, one of the first of the then new 6 point systems.
He did great work, answered plenty of questions and when we were done gave me his cell phone number in case I had any questions.

He accurately predicted back then that although Heartland was currently using only the 4 point Levelup, they would probably be changing within a few months to 6 point, and he was right.

At the end of the day I was also invited to join their "round table discussion"
Basically it was anyone still in the shop gathered 'round in a circle, and instead of a campfire, Dale came in and shared some fine whiskey with the group.

BTW, Dale also shared his phone number for any questions I may have had as well.


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So Sorry, Ron was a great guy he helped a bunch of us early Heartland owners always giving the best service money could buy. RIP RON !!

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So sorry to hear of Ron's passing. He installed our Level-Up on our brand new 2010 Heartland Big Country, and then assisted later when we had internal leakage on a front jack. Ron came in extra early to fit us in while we attended the National Rally in Goshen. He insisted that I have his cell phone number in event of problems or difficulties. He was a skilled craftsman with exceptional people skills, he will be sorely missed.
Our condolences and prayers to Ron's family in their time of sorrow. May Ron forever rest in peace.