Route Planner Book-Not App

In some ways, I am old fashioned in that I like to look at a book instead of my iPad for trip routes. On our last trip I listened to the RV Garmin and had to back the fifth wheel up about an 1/8 of a mile.

I have looked at a Trucker's Atlas and also noticed some specifically targeted at the RV market. I would like to have something to supplement the iPad or Garmin.



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For traveling non freeway routes I use the Motor Carrier's map book. Any road a semi can go on is marked in orange. If they can go-I can go. Purchase on Amazon or any truck stop.


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You might also like the book "The Next Exit". It's updated yearly and focuses on just doing one thing well - if you're on a major highway, telling you what's off upcoming exits that are easy to transit with an RV. I don't use it any longer, but I appreciated it when I did.