RV Capital Wholesalers


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Has anyone used these folks to purchase their Travel Trailer? I live in an area where there is no Heartland dealer close by so I am not overly worried about getting a local dealer upset by buying out of the area. I've seen some decent comments on RV.NET regarding their purchase experience with them.



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We are in the process of buying from them with a delivery by them to us in Alaska. We were just notified that our unit is almost ready. We have worked with Justin at this company and it has gone great. I will post more after we have taken delivery around April 1st, but so far it has been great.


We have a 21FBS on order with them as well, slated for mid-April delivery. We definitely got the best price quote from them, and Justin has provided good answers for all our concerns. We'll keep you posted on how we do.



Will someone go over how to operate everything at delivery time?


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Here is a link for a PDI checklist. PDI Checklist It will take at least four hours to go over everything with the dealer's service person. By going step by step through the check list, you will have operated most of the features in your new RV. This check list is not model specific but does apply to most RV's. Take your time and be sure to understand everything before you sign the papers.



Delivery time from order placement

Hello all,

New to the forum and have been looking at the North Trail model 31QBS. We absolutely love the quad bunk layout with the flexibility of the fourth bunk being the dinnette. Have simply not seen anything this quality at this light weight (the FreedomLite 299BH from Keystone was a contender, but we really believe the North Trail is a superior build quality).
Anyway, we just received a quote from Justin today for a 31QBS and wonder how long that it takes from order to delivery to receive a North Trail from Hearland RV? We have heard that some manufacturers can take 6-8 weeks...just wondering what people's experiences have been with the North Trail models.



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Sequoia7x check out this thread. It should answer your question.

We have a friend who owns the 31QBS and love it so far. I own a 28BHS and absolutely love mine. Neither were ordered as they were on a dealers lot. So I don't have direct experience with the production/delivery time. Good luck with your decision.




Thank you so much for the reply and the link regarding the typical time for North Trail TT's from order to delivery. Well, it turns out we don't have to worry about the delivery time afterall now...we just returned from the local dealer here in Colorado and were able to strike an excellent deal here locally using the RV Capital pricing as leverage (a very fair deal indeed considering the long drive from Colorado to Indiana).
We will take delivery of our 2009 31QBS next week!! We are very excited to have gone from Prospective Owners to Actual Owners!!:D
Thanks again for the helpful response. Looking forward to sharing our North Trail experience with you all.