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Hello All,

I have always had my Rv insurance with my auto insurance and never really thought about it so I wanted to get some input. My policy renews next month and I was thinking about looking into Good Sam. What are your thoughts??



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I did the same thing. Just call the old insurance guy and pay up! We changed to Good Sam's a year or so ago and pay the bill! Haven't had to use it yet, so time will tell. But we do like the things that come with GS like camping world discounts and I believe if your trailer or RV is 5 years old or newer and something happens GS will replace it with a new one, but not sure on the age part. GS was considerably less $$ than our regular insurance guy was getting. I give Good Sam's a double thumbs up.


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We compared our regular guy to Progressive in '08 when we bought our Class C. Couldn't believe the difference in price or coverage, so put the RV with Progressive. They went over and above for us more than once! We compared again when we bought the Big Horn and Progressive won again! I was leaning that way anyway given how well they took care of us but wanted to see the numbers.



We just purchased a new Landmark and shopped insurance. Proressive had the best coverage at the best price as compared GS and Shelter.


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We just purchased a new Landmark and shopped insurance. Proressive had the best coverage at the best price as compared GS and Shelter.

We just got GS and, lo and behold, they quoted us Progressive! Came out a few bucks cheaper than the Progressive web site, too!


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FYI Good Sam Insurance is just an independent insurance agency based in MO. that gives a discount for having a Good Sam Club RV membership. When you call for a quote they quote several companies to find the best price. These include Progressive, National General, Foremost and several others. Also you will always get a better price with Progressive going through an agent than you will going direct either online or by phone.


GS quote to me was not Progressive. I obtained the Progressive quote via USAA. It was $200+ less than the GS quote.


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Living in Alberta Canada, I don't have a lot I can choose from. Reading online were people posted that they pay only $63 if you would attach the RV to your home insurance, I started to get some quotes. (Never less I am writing better that I never had an accident at all since I made my 1st driver license in 1979 for my 50cc motorbike)

  1. quote I tried was the insurance the Canadian Explorer-RV club is linked to on their website: 5 year replacement, 3 million liability for a Trail Runner 25 SLE $412 a year, with $500 deductible. :(
  2. Home insurance related, asking me to get it with $1,000 deductible :eek: and get 2 year replacement, $1,000,000 liability for $324 a year.
  3. Same agent who I deal with said NOT even thinking to do #2 but go instead with a different insurance they normally don't offer:
    10 year replacement, $2,000,000 liability, $250 deductible for only $283 a year. :D

That's what I actually did. I couldn't find anything cheaper. But I am still looking. :cool:
I think that car insurance is a great investment for the future. After all, none of us are immune to various mishaps. For example, my brother didn't renew his insurance a couple of months ago and regretted it. His car broke down very seriously, if he had insurance, he could have covered the cost of repairs. So after that incident, my brother found a Youi insurance company and bought full insurance. So I will give you some tips just in case to extend your insurance.
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Most insurance companies that do RV and medium truck give you discounts for insuring both with them.

I have had Progressive for a long time and am pretty happy with them.


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Another vote for Progressive. Have had them since '05. Better coverage and still cheaper even if added to car/home policy w/ another company.


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P.S.... FYI ...... insurance rates vary by State & where you live. Also, rates depend on coverage amounts selected.
If you are a full time live aboard/traveller, you need to designate that fact as it will impact any claim made as well as your rate.