RV Show in Glendale Arizona at the Cardinals Stadium


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Well yesterday we went to the RV Super Show at the Cardinals Stadium out here. We seen several different models of Heartland RVs including Bighorn, Landmark, Cyclone, Torque, Milestone. At the show was 5 Big Horns, 3 Landmarks, 1 Cyclone and 10-12 Torques, 1 Milestone.. The show was sponsored by La Mesa RV, only no other dealers or vendors there. It was outside and they took your temp before entrance to the show. Also the cost was right $0.00.
Review ----
The Big Horns --- looked really nice, the new full body paint jobs were exciting to see, especially the one with the blue highlights.
The Landmarks --- we went thru the "Tucson" and "Daytona" models.
The Tucson --- was nice but the front end had the U shaped seating for eating. Even with the cushions on the benches you could see the plain OSB board underneath. The front window was really nice and let in some natural light from outside. The Dyson vac was attached to the wall right next to the bed on the rear wall of the RV. So first thing you see walking in the bedroom was this purple & pink Dyson. The tub was a high side unit, when I walked outside to see why so high the water heater was installed right under the tub area
The Daytona --- In wall double oven, nice addition if you bake allot. The showers in both were really nice with a wooden bench to park it on while showering. The color schemes were both lighter so it made the inside brighter. Nice couches in the Daytona and Tucson models. The outer paint job was very nice looking. Furrion fireplace, and appliances.

The Big Horn I was really interested in was the 3870FB, nice inside and really spacious with lots of storage in/out. This was the one with the blue highlights in the scheme with blue stripping. The new Big Horn head is very nice looking. Inside color scheme was lighter and brighter, shower was the same in the Landmarks & Big Horns. Fireplaces, stove were the same in both units. Price was upper mid $70's.

The Cyclone model --- we went in was the 4270 had the side patio like our Road Warrior unit. On the Cyclone Heartland went back to the double sliding glass door to the side patio. Outside TV was on a swivel mount and face toward the front of the RV. When the TV was out for viewing there was a window in the pocket to the inside kitchen area. The patios/rear ramp were a Challenger made product. Inside the TV is mounted next to the door, above the counter for the kitchen, small amount of inside storage. The 5 person couch is right across from the Tv/kitchen/patio door area. The fridge was a RV model not a residential style. No table as in our Road Warrior. Big change was the increase size in your fuel tank from 2 30 gals. to 50 gal. tank. In the end this was a decrease in carrying amount of fuel from our 60 gals to 50 gals. The 4270 is about a foot longer then our 2018 RW and around 700 pds heavier than us. Price was mid $80's.

There was 1 Torque which had slide in slide in the bedroom, but it was so crowded could not get in to see it.

On each model there was some little changes I would implement mostly for cosmetic sake, like placing the Dyson out of sight instead of being the first thing you saw upon entry or on the Landmark at least stain the OSB or replace with stained plywood or tongue & grooved wood. But these are my observations and opinions only for the units available at this show. Nothing to say other units are similar to these. Anybody else go to this show?


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What a great review of these units. Thank you for sharing. I will pass your Landmark suggestions to our Landmark GM.