RV SnapPad - Fall 2017 Group Buy Promotion (HOC members only)


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With the blessing on Jim Beletti we're happy to announce RV SnapPads Fall 2017 Group Buy Promotion.

Thinking about getting SnapPads? This is your chance to get a good deal and possibly win your order!

The more members that sign up the better the discount.

Here's how it works :)

1 - 10 members sign up = 10% off for everyone
11 - 20 members sign up = 15% off for everyone
20+ members sign up = 15% off for everyone + 1 random draw for 25% off
25+ confirmed purchases = 100% off for one lucky member + all previously mentioned discounts

Join by posting on this thread or emailing info@rvsnappad.com.

We'll update this list as periodically throughout the week.

Starting today and running until midnight Sunday October 15th.

Once the contest has finished discount codes will be issued via email or private message. Members will have 3 days to use their discount codes (October 18th at midnight) before they expire. Should 25 or more discount codes be used we will have a draw for 1 lucky 100% off winner. We will post the name of the winner and issued them a full refund while processing their order as usual.

That's it, thank you all for your support and Good Luck everyone!
More information and customer reviews on SnapPad's here - Happy to answer any questions.

- Devon Wilson & The SnapPad Team


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Bummer! I ordered mine and received them back in August :(

The few trips we've taken so far, people that have never seen them ask where we got them and I've been telling them to order them direct from your website.


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Great product,we too have been asked,many times, where to buy them and let them know. Frank


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This is a great opportunity for those of you that don't have them yet to get them. Definitely take advantage of this. You will love them !!!
Good luck on the offer and contest. Hope someone will win a free set :)


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If I had a dollar for everyone who comments on them when we are at rv parks. I always pass out the info and a lot of people swing back by to say they ordered them! They're awesome!


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Devon, I am looking for the deal where you trade snap pads for a few . .

Seriously really like mine and you guys are great!! Tell your Dad Keith and Kim said hey!

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Another positive recommendation for SnapPads if anyone is on the fence, I bought mine before I picked up my Cyclone and absolutely love them