Satellite hook up on a 2017 4113

I have a winegard pathway x2 and 2 wallys I was able to get the sat to work in the bedroom but no signal in the garage. I have 4 sat inputs 2 say roof so I'm assuming those are for a roof mounted system. The other is tv1 and tv2 is the living room one of these hookups? If so how do you get signal feed to the garage or if I wanted to add a tv to the underside storage? Also what brand mount to get for the underside storage? Thanks for the help!


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Hi Taylormade,

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My 2017 ( early model) LM 365 had leads for two sets (the living room and the bed room). For the outside set I used a wireless HDMI fed from the living room set. Works great, as far as mounts it depends on the size of your set - just be sure and get one that locks in the closed position for traveling. I got mine from Camping World, it has a 25 in arm to allow the set to turn a full 90 degrees as needed. I ordered an additional remote for the living room Wally being the are UHF so line of site wasn't needed to change channels.


I would recommend contacting Heartland. They should be able to help you with a diagram of how they ran the coax in your coach. I have installed a few winegard satellite systems, and have usually found the manufacturers to be very helpful. The Winegard support people are also friendly and very helpful.