Security for unattended RD210 in permanent site


Hi all! My first ever travel trailer, a Pioneer RD210, is being delivered next week. It is actually not going to travel ... it is going to be my home away from home and escape place on my recently purchased 3.5 acres in the woods :) The trailer will be located at the pictured end of this driveway and will be backed in to take best advantage of the windows and views.

I am looking for suggestions and specific products where applicable to make this more secure. The area is remote but accessible. I will only be up there occasionally. So what do I need to do to make sure the trailer itself or parts don't get stolen?

Again, I am new to trailers. I assume there are wheel locks and hitch locks and other accessories that can be purchased. Does anyone have specific recommendations? Or other suggestions on steps I can take?




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My opinion, the more locks, the greater chance of expensve damage. I would just put it on blocks and remove the wheels. Beyond that, don't leave any valuables insde.


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If you have cell service, check out Simply Safe.

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You can also install some trail cameras in the area,, get the ones that hook up wth the app to your phone.This way you can see live if anyone is around your trailer.
No matter what you try,there is always some ,,,,,,,hole that will destroy something because it’s not theirs..Good Luck