Setting up Winegard G2+ and 2 receivers


We just purchased the Winegard G2+ and 2 Vip211Z DISH receivers for our 2017 3875FB. I have a couple of questions:
1. There is a coax cable plug in the ceiling above the bedroom TV. Can we plug the receiver in there or does it have to be in the closet?
If it needs to be in the closet...that's crazy. We have a remote extender, but it doesn't seem to work.
2. I have yet to completely get the bedroom TV to work 100% on the satellite. Winegard tech support told me I needed all 3 satellites on the 2nd receiver and DISH support said I could only have 119. When I did the test, it messed up my living room TV and now I have nothing. grrrrr


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so Ive had the original carryout and for the last year also a x1- carryout on ladder mount usually and went ahead an mounted the x1 on roof-and following is why

the x1 and g2 are pretty similar -looked at site- so these portable units don't see all 3 sats at same time - it switches when you change channels- and the unit that is hooked to connection 1 is the master and controls what sat it sees- and the 2d connection is the slave and only gets channels on whatever sat primary has pointed to- and it will not able to change sats-

so if you only use 1 tv at a time- not a big deal- but to be able to have both tvs watch any an all channels- you will have to have 2 separate dishs' or the travler roof mounted- which is what I will be installing on my bighorn as soon as it arrives- it will run 3 separate receivrs-

what you have to do I get the primary working on connector 1- then hookup 2nd receiver on connection 2 and run the set up and it should work for you- you can not just switch the receivers or swap ports on dish- once a receiver is configured to port 1 or 2 - it only works on that port- I tried all combos on my carryout and that's why I got the x1 -( and it was only 250 in 2015 black Friday deal ) so I could use both tvs independently

by the way the new wally receivers work really well and have the better non ir remote and work just about anywhere in the RV

depending on how you want to watch/use- you can also get wireless connection from main box to second tv and then just change channels on main tv

sending you a pm