Shelf above bed - 2019 Sundance Ultra Lite 278BH


Feel in love with the cubby/storage area above our bed. It was one of the reasons I loved our TT but after the 1st night and my husband sitting up and hitting his head hard enough for him to have a gash on his forehead with bleeding am rethinking the whole what a great idea! We have purchased some material and batting are are going to soften it. Just a thought of maybe rethinking the design of it.


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Hi KateLeigh,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. Sorry to hear about your husband's accident, but it sounds like you're moving in the right direction with some padding.


We have the Sundance 189mb and I have had some near misses with the same thing. I just have learned to put my hand on it when I'm getting in and out of bed.
It does serve a good purpose for storing little things like phones and eye glasses since my night stand is always full of other things.


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I hit my head a few times on our old 245RL. But, not to the point of injury. I learned to grab the handle on one of the doors as a guide while going down and up. Helped to prevent hitting the cabinet. Our new 289TS seems to have a little more room, so it's not and issue now.


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Nice mods on your last trailer!!! Be sure to share what you come up with for your new one:)