Sink and counter top


The stainless sink and counter top in my North trail have started to separate and I can not figure how the sink was attached to the counter underneath. Has anyone had this problem and how did you fix it any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I just finished fixing mine.
After years of climbing over the sink I finally knelt on it and it sunk.
There should be some sink clips underneath along with some caulk to hold it up.
In my case I bought some extra clips along with the correct length screw and a tube of bath and kitchen silicone caulk.
The clips that are traditionally used in my opinion were not up to the task in an RF.
I went to a shade shop and bought a handful of clips meant to hold window blinds. A little stronger and just right for the job.
Take a look under and you should see clips that were holding the sink in place. Add the silicone and blind clips or sink clips from a store like Home Depot.
Be sure to use the correct length screws.


Thanks cookie my Northtrail doesn’t even have clips in the center of the sink we’re it is separating. I will have to make some kind of wedge to fix it.


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This is one of those simple fixes that an owner should not have to do, especially on a new rig. A double bowl steel sink needs 6 clips. If need be, cut off four of the installer's fingers so he'll always know how many that is.


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Thankfully I had read about the lack of clips and inspected ours during the PDI. Needless to say, the lack of clips is being taken care of. When it is a known problem across all lines and isn't being taken care of, leads me to believe it may not be lazy linemen.