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2014 3755fl bighorn. Has anyone else had this problem of the pulley system pulling out of the wall. Upon looking at it it appears to have happened several times before. Looks like I’m going to have to plate it across a couple of studs to get it to hold. Thank you.


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Looks like you have a broken cable end in the second picture. The threaded end should have more threads for adjusting the cables.


Yes I do know that cable is broke it broke when the pulley system come undone and left slack in the cable. What aggravates me is the system pulling away from the wall. And by the number of holes it has happened before.


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It looks like those are not the correct screws holding the pully system to the wall. My system has much heavier screws. Those look like the common screws used to hold aluminum trim, not for a system that gets the pressure of moving a slide.
When you repair it use heavier screws.



Thank you for the replies. Does anyone know what brand of cable system heartland uses or just any cable repair kit work.


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Norco Accuslide is the cable system on my 2016 Bighorn. Also, my screws to mount the pulleys are much bigger than yours as well. Yours look #8 screws. Mine are #10 or #12s.

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I too had the assembly pull loose on one side. Tore right off the wall on the left side on my Landmark bedroom slide. I had it repaired and the mobile tech put thin plywood in the center where the cable dead ends pass each other. He thought they may have hung up on each other causing the one side to pull loose from the wall. Works like a champ now and it’s been well over a year and a half!

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I might try that when I get it fixed. It’s on the back burner and winterized for now. The local repair shop is booked through January. There is a mobile repair guy in town to but I still might try it myself if the weather clears up. Raining hard today.