Slide out cable replacement.


What cables do I need to do a replacement for a slide out cable on a 2015 Heartland North trail calibre edition 29 LRSS? There are no RV specialists here in Alaska that can help us. Nor does anyone know anything about the Heartland Travel trailers.


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cable kits are avaialable from Amazon;BAL cable kit should work, you could contact Heartland customer service also. Several You Tube videos on replacing & adusting the cable slides. Good Luck


There are some steps to remove your slide out. Most sliding mechanisms are motorized and located below the main slide. Use pear and let open the cover extend to the maximum point. Use the block of wood and interceptor to support the width of slide. When the slide is maximized, release the slide from the handles. until it can be stored in your timeline. After the plate slide is removed, redesign your RV by placing supports.