Slide Out Timing


My slide-outs starting working out of time. Prior, each slide would fully extend before the next slide would begin. Now, the slide-outs start moving at the same time or initially don't fully extend and after the other extends... then comes back to the other and fully extends. When closing, they will retract together... then stop. I have to push the switch again and will continue to close. Is there a way to reset the timing of the slides?


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Hi uccrev,

If you have a single switch that operates several hydraulic slides, the one with least mechanical resistance opens first. It sounds like the resistance has changed a bit, causing the sequence of operation to change. You might check the rams and gear packs to make sure you don't have a buildup of road crud that needs to be cleaned off. The slide on the off-door-side may have rollers underneath, on the inside. If they're not turning freely, that could also cause a problem.

The start/stop symptom could be one of several things and could be related to an increase in mechanical resistance. Our owner-written Hydraulic Slideout Starts and Stops user guide explains the start and stop and what to do to correct it.


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Wondering also, with a single (hydraulic) slide switch, and no way to "valve out" individual slides, according to Heartland customer service for my unit, if it's possible to isolate, either electrically or mechanically the logic of which slide open, or stays closed first. On my particular unit, the bedroom slide opens first (least resistance), followed by the off-door slide, then finally the curb side (heaviest side). I'd like to able, when at a rest area or whatever, be able to just open one of the slides at my choosing. Wondering also, if anyone with a similar issue has added isolation valves to the manifold after figuring out which ones control the respective slides???????


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For those wanting to add isolation valves here is an old thread dealing with just that mod.
Hope it helps someone.


Thanks Dave for the research on the old thread, but it seems like there has got to be an easier, less expensive way to do this rather than running additional hydraulic lines or something. There was mentioned in the posts about putting a 2X4 in the slide to trick it from opening. Wonder how that worked out.....(not).......