soft spot in floor


We own a 2010 North Trail 31RED. Right after purchasing used, we noticed a soft spot in front of our refrigerator. The spot is about 1 1/2 feet x 1 1/2. It does not seem to be getting any worse. We see no water anywhere inside the camper. Also, no water under the refrigerator. The soft spot does not even extend under the refrigerator. It's basically in front of the cabinet that the fridge sits on and there is no evidence of soft spot under that cabinet. We have sealed up the roof and all windows and replaced any cracked vents on the roof as well. We are at a loss at to how this water is getting there. It's almost as if it's coming from underneath the camper.


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If you have a kitchen island, the drain pipe may have a horizontal run where a channel was cut in the floor structure.


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We had a soft spot once in front our residential fridge. Finally figure it was coming from our water heater, on the opposite side, to in front of the steps.