Soon to be 2018 Mallard M27 Owner - Hitch Height Question

Hello ladies and gents

Neat forum ya'll got here. I'm supposed to finish purchasing a used 2018 Mallard M27 tomorrow morning and I'm trying to get some of the pre-work done so I can hopefully be able to tow it home safely. It comes with a weight distributed hitch, however my 2016 F150 pickup is on a 6" lift and on larger wheels and tires (35" tires).

I've measured from ground to the top of receiver opening and it's sitting at 25.75"

Curious if any of you have a measurement of your m27 mallard leveled from ground to trailer ball receiver opening?

I'm thinking that my truck is going to be too tall for the existing hitch to work but I'm just not sure by how much. I have looked at drop hitch shanks but I do not want to get one with a crazy amount of drop if I don't need it. I have one of those quick adjust aluminum drop hitches that I guess I could still tow back home until I can get the sway bar situation resolved.

I should also mention that I just got airbag system installed on my truck to help with towing and leveling of the truck

Thank you all


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Hi zukmeister,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. I'm sure you'll get some feedback from other owners shortly.