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A fellow Big Country owner has a spare wheel & tire he is interested in selling to me. Does anyone have an idea what it would be worth? It is a year old. Will the Spare Tire Rack on a Big Country support two spare tires?


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I bought a new painted spare wheel a year ago for our Alaska trip to have a second spare. Paid $65 for it.
Mounted one of my old Towmax tires on it "just in case".
I wouldn't add a second tire to the undercarriage rack. As it is I have a ratchet strap around my spare.

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When I bought five new tires and wheels last year for our previous Heartland Trail Runner, the shop that did the axle and spring replacement and repair charged us his cost for the wheels and tires already mounted, but not balanced at $135 each.

As for keeping the old BlowMax tires for a spare . . . here is my take on that.

If you don't trust the BlowMax tires on the road then how can anyone even consider putting them on as a spare?

When I sold the entire set of five wheels and BlowMax tires that came on the Trail Runner I got $150 for the whole set!

Took me about a month to unload them on CraigsList.

Wheels4sale2-P1000284.jpg Wheels4sale3-P1000285.jpg Wheels4sale1-P1000283.jpg AxleRepairBefore-P5090649.jpg AxleRepairAfter-P5090654.jpg

First four shots are the old BlowMax tires & wheels, last shot the new set


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He'd have to pay me to get rid of the Towmax tire.... and throw in the wheel for free.

Actually, when I sold them I advertised the wheels for sale and the tires were free.


New tire and rim on the spare tire rack and the BlowMax's and old rims stacked on the bike rack when I got home from picking up the trailer from the repair shop.