steps into 5th cracking/on my third set


anyone had a problem with the steps cracking at the top step or bottom step hinge breaking? first step lasted 2 years, next one lasted 1 year. there only seems to be one way to put them on. HELP

Bob and Chris

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We had the same problem on our Augusta (four steps.) My solution was to remove the entire step assembly and run a continuous bead of weld around the failure point and all others. Factory unit was spot welded and there is not a lot of material for structural support where the steps fold up.

Ray LeTourneau

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Our steps have remained intact. I might add, I'm kind of a big guy and have always used a support under the bottom step. We use a little camper jack with the adjustable screw in the center.
I've recently built a set of wooden steps that we carry with us that have a shorter rise. 7" plus a fuller area for the step. The main reason was for our knees but they really help our old girl Suzi get in and out of the trailer too.