Strange Champion Generator Problem


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A friend bought one of the Champion 3400w electric start inverter generators. When he hooked it up the his new RV (30A) and turned on the AC (13.5k) it went into overload and cut power. Not knowing if he had a generator problem or an AC problem he asked if we could try it on my RV (15k) AC. He brought it over and we hooked it up using a 30A cord I use at the house. First problem was my EMS did not like the fact the ground and neutral were not bonded, no problem, made a shorting plug for the 20A receptacle and all was well. Fired off the AC and it barely grunted. He went back home and tried again, would not run his AC. He had a repairman come out and the AC checked out fine. He borrowed a 2500w generator from his SIL and it ran the AC just fine. Huh???? Now it gets strange. Using an adapter he plugged the RV into the Champion in the 20A circuit instead of the 30A RV plug, it started and ran the AC just fine. Moved the plug over to the 30A and instant overload. At my suggestion he made up a jumper plug for the 20A outlet and plugged it in (like we had to do to get it to work with my EMS). Then the 30A outlet ran the AC just fine. My first thought was a loose connection on the 30A outlet.

That's where we are now, he's studying how hard it would be to get to the back of the connector and see what is loose. It's either that or take it in and wait for warranty service.

To be continued: