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My baby girl Summit went to the Rainbow Bridge on 1-12-18. She was 16 years old and had been by my side the whole time. She was the best companion you could ask for. She is the reason we bought our first camper as at that time not many motels would accept pets, especially an 80 pound lab.

She was a true lab, loved the water, would fetch a ball for hours, but she always wanted to be by her humans at all times. She loved to go camping. When I would start packing the camper, you could see in her eyes she knew what was happening. When I started to hook up the truck, stand back, we are going camping. If the wife wasn't ready, she would go and jump on her and try to push her toward the door. She would then set at the back door on the truck, wanting to get in, and give you the look of "what are you waiting for, open the door."

You knew when she had did something she shouldn't have as she had the look on her face of "how did that happen." I remember fixing a pizza one time, and had covered the top with cheese, and left the pan on the counter. As the oven was warming up, I went into the living room and came back. As I walked into the kitchen, she came out and looked at me with the "look." Sure enough, only 1/2 the pizza had cheese now as she went counter surfing and licked off the half she could get to. All I could do was laugh as she laid on the couch with a satisfied look on her face.

Now that she is gone, our house doesn't seem the same. It is empty. I keep looking for her every time I get up to make sure she isn't under my feet. I am dreeding our first camping trip as the "Sumpster" will not be there. I sure do miss her.

I know she is no longer in pain and is able to swim, jump, chase another dog, even got to see her parents and family and for that I am thankful. I look forward to seeing her again. Until then, enjoy yourself Summit, and remember that mommy and daddy love you.



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We are sorry for you loss but like you said she can run and swim and do all the things she loved to do.We to had a lab that will forever be in our hearts I think of her often. Don


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So sorry for your loss. Know that Summit will be happily waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to see you again.

Dave and Pat