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just purchased anoakmount 2010 from the dealer this unit is brand new, sat in there show room for 3 years then on the lot for almost 2 more. My question is, in my control panel there is 2 switches that light up red when you turn them on. they are not labeled and i know one is for the electric element on the water heater what is the other one for?


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If your unit has the Yeti package or whatever they put on the unit for cold weather it may be for the tank heaters. Do not turn either of them on without water in the water heater or some in the tanks. Hopefully another owner will jump in with a for sure answer.

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On our Elk Ridge, there is a switch that is like a wall light switch in your house, that will light up red. This is for the electric side of the hot water heater...like Jim said, make sure that there is water in the hot water heater BEFORE you turn it on or it will burn up the heating element. BTW, there are two switches that need to be turned on to use the electric side of the HWH. I think the other switch is for the water pump, it's a rocker style switch.


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Hi oakmount,

Does your control panel look like the attached picture? The 2 water heater switches are annotated. The additional lighted switch in the center is for the tank heaters.


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Congrads on the new coach. However, if the coach is 3 years old, I would insist the dealer redo all the caulking. If the tires are Towmax (probably are) either insist the dealer replace them with another brand of tire or you do it. Use the "search box" at the top of the page and type in "tires". Maxxis (sp) or Sailun tires are a good reasonable tire. GY G614's are a great but pricey tire. Good luck and happy camping.