Tax Write Off?


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I was talking with some people at work (one being my boss) and the topic of being able to write off the cost of my HL (or part of it) on my taxes if I use it for work. I travel a lot for jobs and shows and we have been looking at using an RV for those stays. It is amazing how many "nature" people there are at work. So far a RV campground is always nearby where I end up staying in hotels. This would save them approx. $125/night for hotel fees (my per deim remains the same for park, mileage and food fees). If this is possible, then what do I need or should do to make it happen?


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Talk to a Tax Consultant... to get correct information ! Why risk the answer otherwise?!? I'd be calling a Professional and learn exactly what type of record keeping you will need to do...

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Enhuz I totally agree with Smokeybare. Talk to a professional. I write off a portion of our camper because of taking it when I go teach. Like you, I save a whole bunch of money for the company by camping vs hotel.

Of course, I don't know all the ins and outs, I just know I have to keep all my camping reciepts and I have show I was working that trip. She does whatever it is she does to make part of the camper a tax write off.

I do know you can only write off that percentage of the payments that you actually use the camper for business.

Hope this helps a little.



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Yes, that is what I wanted to know. Thank you. My VP was telling me about it two years ago and trying to tell me everything I had to keep track of to give to my Tax accountant. He wanted to buy a coach for our "company outings". I wanted to see if anyone else has or is doing this. I see so many people staying at RV parks while working in the area. I was never able to catch them prior to them returning and going to sleep to ask in person. Thank you.


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The RV can be for tax purposes the same as a 2nd home.
check with your tax consultant.