The Great Toilet Debate - From


RVers are always debating about toilet paper, type, flush or no flush etc. Here is a video by John Hebard that will amuse and inform you.

By the way, my answers are - Over, Normal toilet paper flushed down and Tracey cleans the toilet , and I get the dirty end.



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Great video. Our answers - stacked rolls in holder on floor, household paper, flushed, and Kim does the deed.


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Enjoyed the video. New RVer here but when doing the predelivery inspection, I was told to double the amount of chemical and use household TP. My plan is to stick with the Scott brand RV TP now that I know it exists. We haven't used the head yet because of blizzards and other forms of winter weather locally since the purchase but I already know I will be the one who cleans the toilet (wife claims to have bad gag reflex), and TP will go "over" as soon as I put in a TP roll holder.