Thermostat - 2020 Landmark Newport


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I mentioned in another post that one of our thermostats for our 3 a/c's is mounted on the back wall behind the couch in between 2 windows. What brain child made that decision? Because these 3 a/c's work in concert via a control board, wouldn't that thermostat really screw up the system. Right now it is 83 outside. The back thermostat is set at 74 (keeping the temp higher so the a/c doesn't run continuously - that's the idea anyway), the middle thermostat and bedroom thermostat are set at 70. When I shoot a lazer thermometer at the back thermostat it reads 83 degrees. When I shoot at the other 2 they read 69 and 70. I called Dometic today to try and learn about the 3 a/c's running in a controlled method. We never got to that part when I told her where the one is mounted. I did learn that a thermostat is married to a control box in an a/c and so the thermostat cannot be changed to one that has a remote sensor. My husband and I thought that we could mount a remote sensor in a place that makes sense and fix this problem. Does anyone know anything about changing out thermostats?

I find it hard to believe that an idiotic placement like this could pass QC or even make it past planning or engineering. Just how stupid do you have to be to believe that an exterior wall between 2 windows on an RV can read an accurate interior temperature? Any knowledge on changing out thermostats to a one with a remote sensor would be helpful. Thank you.


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If you're handy, it's likely that you can move the thermostat where you want it. You'd need to run a thermostat wire from the new location, up to the roof mounted control box for that AC (it's inside the AC unit) or intercept the existing thermostat wire and splice into it. Doable but will take some sleuthing and wire running.