TikiDawg's Key West Modifications


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In February 2016, we took delivery of our new 2016 Landmark 365 Key West. We soon met Jerrod and Rhonda Jess ("Jesstalkn" on the forum) and Jerrod turned us on the world of "Mods". To date, with a lot of Jerrod's help, we have copied many of his mods on to our rig, but we wanted to start a thread to showcase some of our own unique mods.

First and foremost is our custom HOC Plaque.

Next is the project we just finished. The Key West has an area for a washer & dryer under the hutch. The DW wanted me to build drawers like those in the kitchen and install in one of the washer / dryer cabinets. I took advantage of my access to a CAD/CAM robotic router and cut out all of the drawer pieces and supports. Then sanded and assembled with glue and a brad nail gun. The finished product added 104 lbs to the coach, but provides for much more organized storage. Pictures will show the factory cabinet opening and then our new cabinets drawers.


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Steve thanks for the kudos. Rhonda & I are so glad to have met you and Kelly and have really enjoyed out time with you two. Thanks to this Forum we have met some really great people. We look forward to many more years of our Modified Landmark 365 parked side buy side enjoying the camp fires and your amazing margaritas.
Your cabinet mod is over the top. As is your other Mod's that you've done so far. Some you haven't mentioned yet. Your attention to detail and fine craftsmanship has all of use stepping up our game.
Glad to see you started a thread, you better get busy you have a lot of catching up to do. :cool: LOL See you guys soon.


Hi Steve,

Drawers look really good, but I (my wife) has a question. What, why are the holes and rods in the drawers for? I hope you didn't create a job for me. :)

Jim M


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Steve - the plate you made for your forum name and HOC decal is cool.

I agree with Jerrod, your CAD and CNC work on the cabinet drawers is off-the-hook! Excellent work. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring.


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The factory Landmark kitchen drawers have this feature. It keeps your dishes or whatever from moving while driving down the road. The dowels are movable to the size of the objects put in the drawer.

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Another unique mod... Retractable Laser Lights.

"BlissLights" (1 Blue Laser and 1 Green Laser) mounted to custom made brackets, mounted to telescoping shafts, mounted to small flat screen television mounts, mounted to the frame.
The brackets fold in and collapse against the frame for travel. When arrival at the campsite, just unfold, extend the shafts and turn on the switch in the cargo bay.
Blue and Green "dots" everywhere, our rig, the rig next door, the ground and the trees. Lots of fun!


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Steve, I was thinking of trying to make some using a 1/2 inch thick nylon cutting board for the base stock. Ordered the cutting board for the base stock, just haven't had time to try cutting it yet.


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Dammit I should of got a patient on those before I posted them. LOL
They actually do work really good and easy as heck to use. Glad to see someone else using it too.

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Steve, I was thinking of trying to make some using a 1/2 inch thick nylon cutting board for the base stock. Ordered the cutting board for the base stock, just haven't had time to try cutting it yet.

I had a project that I thought "black cutting board" that's what I need. I ending up finding sheets of HDPE in various sizes and thicknesses on Amazon - link. I was able to cut this stuff to my requirements easily with a table saw.