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Goodyear G614's tires, I set pressure at 110 psi in Michigan before a trip to Tennessee for about 4 days. Before we left to head back to Michigan I checked the tire pressure at it was at 114psi. Is the pressure difference from being in the Mountains ?? Should I let air out to get back to 110psi or leave it ??

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Bobby A

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Thank you Jon, I am surprised more people haven't chimed in, I guess everyone feels the same, enough said.

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Usually, it's the air temperature that will change the PSI. If you filled them up in the shade, but then the next time you checked them the sun was blaring on them, the temperature of the air in the tire could have been higher causing the increase in PSI reading.

If you don't already, I would highly suggest a TPMS so you can easily keep track of your readings. There have been a few times when I have had to stop and let some air out of my tires due to drastic temperature swings. Starting out in the mountains and then heading into the desert on the same day will really throw the PSI out of tune. 50+ degree swing days are hard sometimes.


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I had the same thing happen. Seeing the pressure and temp change while driving thru my TST TPMS system, I saw the pressure on a warm day jump to as high as 25 PSI higher than the 110 I put in. As a matter of fact the upper limit alarm went off on the TST system. Had to reset that limit to stop the alarm. It eventually cools down and goes back to normal.


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If you have a TPMS, you will notice pressure and temperature will rise as you drive. And the tires on the sunny side will be higher than the ones on the shaded side. Set the pressure when the tires are cold and only worry if it drops as you drive.

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You need to have your rig weighed and look up the weight/pressure table of GoodYear. I had my Big Horn fully weighed and I believe that It required 80 psi. I added ten psi. I also used a tire pressure monitor. I also had four point weighing done at Goshen. You will most likely find that one side weighs more that the other. That is what I suspected and is the reason I had added ten psi to the KAT scale weight and glad I did.


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