TV mount in bedroom of Pioneer Re275

New to the Heartland world. We just purchased a 2021 Pioneer RE275. We want to install the TV mount in the bedroom but there is no sticker advising where the backer is. Our last camper was a kz & we used a magnet to find metal plate. This camper we tried the magnet & an electronic stud finder with no success. I called Heartland customer service & asked for a wall diagram but the women said no & that it should be below the plugs. Anyone know how we can make sure we are drilling the holes in the right spot?


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If there wasn't a sticker, and a stud finder isn't picking anything up, I would be concerned there isn't anything in the wall.

You could try pressing around on the wall to see if you can detect a change, or alternatively, try probing around with a tiny drill bit. Use one small enough that you could easily cover up the holes. Even with the sticker on ours, it took some probing to figure out exactly where it was. They were not very generous on the size of the plate they used in the wall.


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Ours is about the middle of the wall between the bathroom and the other doorway, with an antenna plug and outlet just over them. we also have the RE275. we decided to use ours to mount a wall fan instead.


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The pressing trick worked for me on our RL250. Looking at the video You should be able to determine where the studs are. For extra support I added a 3/4" X 2" finished length of wood to the wall which is hidden behind the TV mounted to the wall. That way even if I only hit the edge of the stud I would have a bit more insurance it would stay. Hasn't fallen off in almost the 3 year we've had this camper.