Two questions - Slide out not sealing, and power to slide out


I am a new owner of a 2010 North Country 29 RKS, which we are starting to renovate
it was delivered to our lake property to be used on weekends till we build in a year or two. I do not have a tow vehicle rated for it.

I have read all the manuals on the site , and determined my slide out is a hydraulic Lippert. But no instructions to adjust.
My issue is that the slide out moves just fine till the stops and the base seals up fine ( floor drops as expected) but at the top there is 1.5 to 2 inch gap. I cannot find any info on this. I’m an electrical engineer and I have the right mindset to address Myself. Any ideas?

The second issue is that the lights on the slideout are blowing the 15 amp fuse. It worked fine for two weekends and suddenly this weekend it wasn’t working.
all I find are block electrical diagrams, do specific diagrams exist ?

any help or direction on where to look would be very helpful.

I thought I would start here before calling Heartland, as my Registration is in the trailer.


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Here is a link to the Lippert slideout manuals found in this forums Tools section. Look for it at the top of the page.
Read Hydraulic Slide System.



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Have you looked behind the top of the slide in the open position? Mine appears to have a gap but there is a D-seal completely sealing the interior of the rig to the outside environment.


Thanks Dave , I did look there but wasn’t sure that I found anything But will go through everything again.


Lou, I’m not getting any rain or anything coming in, so probably that is working , but it’s very noticeable that it’s not vertical. And the large gap is worrying