Unable to get optical digital audio from TV through GT 3.0


I have a GT-3.0 attached to a Samsung UN32EH5300FKZA Television. I have been unable to get the optical digital audio signal from the TV to play through the GT-3.0. The TV has been selected to the "external speaker" option. I also have a Sony BDP S3100 Blu-Ray player hooked up to the TV through an HDMI cable because the GT-3.0 is not Blu-Ray capable.

I hooked up an optical cable from the "digital audio out (optical)" port on the TV to the small, black coax/optical "block" on the rear of the GT-3.0. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the GT-3.0 manual that tells how to select the coax/optical input on the GT-3.0. The Audio Setup portion of the users manual is not useful. There is "light" coming out of the GT-3.0 end of the optical cable so it appears that TV is outputting an audio signal

I HAVE been able to get audio from the TV through the GT-3.0 by using a " Y converter cable" which takes a mini coax plug (TV) and splits it into RCA plugs (GT-3.0) and attached to the AU2 inputs on the GT-3.0. I have not bothered trying a digital coax cable since it must plug into the same little black box on the GT-3.0 and if I can't select the one, I probably can't select the other.

The current connection is borderline acceptable, but I would like to get the digital 5.1 surround sound when playing media that incorporates that audio format.

Any guidance on how to enable optical digital audio would be greatly appreciated.


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Judging from the manual, the optical audio should come in on AU1, AU2, or AU3. AU2 looks like RCA audio connectors, so I would try AU1 and AU3 first. Don't overlook the possibility of a bad cable.


Well, I got it working. Although it is NOT labeled or identified in the manual, (surprise, surprise) it seems that the little black coax/optical "block" is connected to the AU3 port. The difficulty here is that there is a 3-5 second delay between the time that you select the output on the unit and having any sound come out, so if you are scanning through the ports, and expecting it to start working immediately, you will miss it.

The AU1 port is a mini-stereo port on the front plate and the AU2 port is RCA connectors on the back. AU3 is not identified either with a label or in the manual. Thanks for the help.