Until the next time, Old Warrior...until the next time....


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Today was the last day of my dog Rufus' life. He lived to be over 15. I got him when he was 3 months old and he was my constant companion when the circumstances allowed.


We had a great life together and he grew into a beautiful protective dog that saved my wife's life twice. Seriously, he was the epitome of a warrior. He had some interesting times too. He loved a good fight and He loved a good daiquiri...the boy had been know to have several hang-overs. An appropriate dog for a Vietnam Vet.


We had nearly 3 year together this time. He was showing some real symptoms of dementia and old age. He was losing weight, had trouble getting into the trailer...and sometimes just didn't know who I was.

I talked it over with my breeder and my daughter. We all decided that it was time. I wanted him to go out a winner. And not being in constant pain, or being embarrassed to death by "accidents". I didn't want him to be the dog that while the Vet puts him to sleep, thinks "this should have been done 6 months ago...I wonder how much pain he was really in." My boy came in a winner and today he went out the same way. A winner.

He slept right next to me last night. Just like he has every night we were together. He slept until 9'ish...went outside and did his morning business. I fixed him his final breakfast...a 1/2 pound pork chop, cut up small...he choked on anything too big. Two eggs over easy with country fries, cheese and milk. He finished up with two apple pies with whipped cream. He ate every d*mned bit of it..and there was a lot of food. The boy was FULL! Our motto always was "anything worth doing is worth over-doing".


My daughter is taking him to the vet as I type. We had our final talk...and Laura is taking him on his final car ride. He left with is head out, tongue flapping in the breeze. He loves car rides...and he only had to be asked once "Rufus, wanna go bye-bye?

Honestly, I would have gone with him all the way....if the law allowed. Death is preferable to the way I feel now. He's the lucky one...he's gone to his rest...and I'm sitting here with nothing but regrets.

He will be cremated with the remains of the best cat god ever created. I'm remembering her today too...she loved me... every time my ex-wife started an argument with me...the cat would go into her closet and crap in the old ladies shoes. No greater love and all that. Pretty Girl, this old man misses you, too, so much.

My daughter will be keeping their ashes...to be mixed with mine when the time comes...and there is still room in the urn for my last dog too. Which, I think is fitting. At least I'll be surrounded by love and we will make this part of the trip together to the Rainbow Bridge where we gotta pick up a few others.

They have to let our pets into heaven. H*ll is the place we can't have them all with us. Cause if my animals can't get in...I'm not going either.

So, good-bye guys...until the next time. Wait for me at the Bridge...the wait won't be that long, I promise.
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Lefty...what a beautiful tribute to a dear and loving friend...I still have tears in my eyes...God Bless.


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Sorry for your loss. I know how difficult that decision is to make. We had to do that last summer with our best partner of 16 years.

Best Wishes!


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Lefty, that was one **** of a tribute to your friend. I also remember every cat we've had over the years and was able to be with each one we've had to let go of during their last moments. It is really hard. I'll hoist a glass of adult beverage tonight in honor of Rufus.


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Lefty ....... Ya did Rufus proud! The "Old Warrior" will be waiting at the "Bridge" for you......Hang in there guy, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


You did the right thing not letting him suffer. It is so hard to tell in they are in pain or not especially the warrier breed they never wanna show weakness. D.


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I'm so sorry, Lefty. But I absolutely believe you did it right. Letting your friend linger and suffer is just wrong. You gave him everything you could and he gave it back for 15 years. Then you had the opportunity to make his last day as special as it could be. That's all you could hope for. Hang in there, friend.


sorry for your loss, just remember the good times. wish we could treat our famillys with the respect and caring allowed for our little kids.


I can hardly see the computer screen now! I had to do that 3 years ago and it left a hole in my heart. Aida's ashes are on my dresser and like you , she is going with me all the way.


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So sorry Lefty. The pain you are in is familiar to us and three little cedar boxes of ashes sit on a shelf meant to be with us always. Hang in there!

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Lefty, I truly have a heavy heart after reading your tribute to your best friend. I know your pain because I've been there a few times myself. I'm sure Rufus will be in your heart forever. Take care!


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So sorry for your loss.
It is so very hard to loose a family member but you will always have the memories.

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Oh Wow...that is so sad...and so sweet. I too am so sorry for your loss.
We will soon be in your shoes as our little 14 year old, Renee, slips closer to her Rainbow Bridge.

Thanks for sharing. Nice to see so many animal lovers on here.


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So sorry for the loss of your companion. I know what your fur kids mean to you.



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Sorry for the loss of your friend. I know how hard it was when I lost my Ralphie three years 86 days ago. He was my best friend just likie Rufus was yours.