Using an IPhone for RV Leveling


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Is anybody doing this? I really like the dual circle level built into my IPhone XR, and have used it in setting up my tripod satellite TV antenna. I am envisioning maybe a small shelf attached near the landing gear switch that I could lay the phone on, or maybe even just 2 shelf braces that I could lay the phone on. Maybe a rubber band or velcro tie could keep the phone in place while levelling is being done. The markings on my old side-to-side bubble level are worn off anyways.


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I have an "old school" 2008 production Bighorn with electric front landing gear and no built-in side to side leveling. I use the orange nesting leveling blocks for side-to-side leveling. . I am already using a custom modified arrival/departure checklists app on my phone. I am also cheap, and don't see the need to buy something new when a pretty good leveling app is free with my phone.

BTW, I got the IPhone XR on an AT&T deal in March that costs me just $1 a month for 36 months. I get coverage at 1 of the 2 parks I alternate between when I didn't get Verizon coverage there. Great signal at the other park 40 miles away. I am able to get all my internet needs for my laptop through the phone with unlimited data, and retired my old $50 a month Verizon hotspot. I get a veteran's discount. I have gotten a free upgrade to AT&T's best plan. This month's bill has been $91, which I can live with.


I use the Clinometer app for Android but it's available for Apple and Windows. It has a great bubble level function as well as slope using the sides or ends of the phone and it's free. For about a buck it can also show angle using the camera.

The back of the phone MUST be flat. I calibrate it on the kitchen counter and then, after running the RV auto level, see what offset I still need on the kitchen counter. Then I place it in the storage area and, ignoring the absolute error, adjust the jacks to correct for the kitchen offsets. Then I calibrated the auto level (much closer than the factory setting). Slick. I still use the Clinometer but only when setting up the DirecTV dish.


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The Camco T level is an ideal travel trailer for numerous RV owners, including me. We no longer need to worry about the fridge and tanks moving inside the trailer. This RV leveler does not require too much effort to install, even for first-time users. I can attach this leveling system to the trailer tongues using the dedicated screws. Some people also use adhesive for the leveling process but I opted for the screws to make it permanent. Leveling front to back using a tongue jack was fairly easy.
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