Valor TPMS

I have been using the Valor TPMS and my unit is dead. I have a recently installed set of sensors that I don’t want to scrap so I need to replace the monitor. The US rep for this company retired. I’ve been trying for a couple of months to get a call back from his replacement. I’ve talked to the company HQ and they can’t help. They just keep giving me names and phone numbers of other sales people that don’t call back. Does anyone know if there is a US retailer for these units? Does anyone have a unit that they aren’t using that they would be willing to sell? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I recently had reached out to Don Rigby not realizing as you said that he retired last year.

His replacement is:
Derek Stewart
Mobile: 734-634-3278
Customer Support

SpartanLync Technologies
1240 Burloak Dr. Unit #9 Burlington On. L7L 6B3

I had no issues getting a response and placing an order for new sensors.

Were you ever able to locate a replacement unit?
Hi Hugh,
Yes I was finally able to get in touch. I actually talked to the company president and he told me he was bringing Don back. I called Don and he was able to fix me up with a new head unit even though he wasn’t decided on coming back or not. Sounds like he decided against returning. Thanks for the updated contact info.


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I know this isnt the answer you want, but there is a running discount (20%) with the TST tpms system for heartland owners.